A Two Wave Total – TV Doco Short Film.

Was broadcasted nationally in Australia, Sunday July 1, on Channel Nine.

A new initiative by the Australian Sports Commission to increase the exposure and reach of women’s sport in Australian media. A Two Wave Total is a behind the scenes look at Australia’s elite female surfers and their bid for the 2012 ASP World Title. This program will ensure that more Australians get to see wider coverage of exciting women’s surfing.

Follow Australia’s leading female surfers as they chase glory on the Australian leg of the ASP Women’s World Championship Tour. Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Laura Enever, Tyler Wright, Rebecca Woods and junior star Nikki van Dijk put it all on the line in front of their home fans at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast, Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach and Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic in Sydney. A Two Wave Total follows their progress on the Dream Tour as they not only take on each other but the planet’s best female surfers in their quest for surfing’s ultimate honour – the World Title.

Project funded by:
Surfing Australia | Australian Sports Commission
The Construction Site

A Two Wave Total - Graphic

Production Info

The Construction Site and Surfing Australia project. -

Lead Camera: Curtis Redden
Editor and Post Production: Curtis Redden
Camera Crew: Curtis Redden, Mic Simpson, Blake Copland. Canon DSLR, Sony Ex1, Sony HXR-NX5P.
Scriptwriter/Producer: George Opadchy.

4-6 weeks of filming the events and athlete profiles. 3-4 weeks of editing and post production.
I directed and edited the entire project and also shot most of it too.

The Athlete interviews for each event were recorded after each event with Myself and with Producer George Opadchy using a portable cyc setup using two cameras(Sony HXR NX5P, Canon DSLR) shoulder crop and waist crop.

All the individual profiles of the athletes at home (away from the events) ect were shot by me on Canon DSLR’s and the Sony HXRNX5P Camera. Extra footage for those profiles were provided by the athletes sponsors. All the footage of Nikki Van Dijk in her profile was shot by me (at home, at school, in sri lanka ect).

The event footage was also shot by Me(Canon 7D DSLR, Sony HXR NX5P) as well as Mic Simpson (Sony Ex1) as second camera getting vox pops and extra action.
I directed what was to be shot for the edit so it all tied together through Colour, Emotion, cutaways, creative angles, behind the scenes ect.
A third camera op Blake Copland shot water on Canon DSLR and some extra land Canon 5DMKII.

Each event (roxy, ripcurl) also had their own Production crew, using Grass Valley broadcast Cameras. Most of the Live Event locked off surfing footage was fed to us via network server.
I shot all the glidecam follow footage too.

Cameras Used:
Canon DSLR’s(7D, 5DMKII) Sony EX1 and HXR NX5P. Grass Valley Broadcast Cameras. Aqua-tech water housings.
Stabilizers used: Generic Glidecam (Flycam), MonoPod, Handheld, Shoulder Support, Glidetrack.

Software Used: Edited on both FCP 7 and Adobe Premiere CS6 but eventually finished on Adobe so the DSLR footage can be edited directly without conversion. FCP 7 and X was also used to Injest footage from Sony EX1 and NX5P Cameras.

A Two Wave Total_bts-12

Premiere CS6 has a live thumbnail scrubbing feature that made the process of scanning through clips that much quicker. You can even set in n out points directly on a thumbnail. So quick to process and render too. FCP7 is 32bit and cant really cope anymore with High end HD work. We turned to Premiere for its fast 64bit processing.

Coming from a FCP and AVID background, this is the first big tv project ive edited using premiere.
Premiere has a really good rolling shutter warp stabilizer and also slowmotion/speed change. Some of the slowmo was done on Grass Valley Cameras at 320fps, but others were done only as 50fps then slowed down in the edit. As far as colour grading goes, mostly used RGB curves or three way colour corrector. If you’ve ever used After Effects then you would know of Adjustment layers. Premiere cs6 now has adjustment layers and you can apply the same colour changes or any effect for the matter
directly over the top of all the clips and change when needed. Really useful for adding sharpen filters or basic colour changes.

A Two Wave Total – Nikki Van Dijk from Curtis Redden on Vimeo.

Nikki Van Dijk
1 of 6 profiles i shot and edited that were featured in A Two Wave Total which premiered nationally on Channel Nine July1 2012.
With a phenomenal Junior and Qualifying surfing contest record, Nikii Van Dijk has earned the title of Giant killer due to her habit of regularly managing to pull big upsets and has been a wildcard into multiple World Championship Tour Events.
Living on Phillip Island in Victoria and still finishing high school Nikki has already had the privilege of travelling to so many exotic location around the world while surfing on the ASP qualifying world tour. Will she qualify for next years ASP World Championship Tour?

Shot on location at home on Philip Island, Sri Lanka, Manly, Victoria, with Canon DSLR and Sony HXR NX5P Camera.
Stabilizer: Flycam and Monopod.

Behind the scenes images – click thumbnail to enlarge:

Additional Cameras:
Quiksilver – Grass Valley
Ripcurl – Grass Valley

Cam Nacson – Old Heart
Civil Civic – Street Trap, Mayfield, Light on a leash, Sky Delay.
Drexler – Ballpoint Pen.

Special thanks for additional Video/Media:
Mick Wilcomes -
Surfing Australia
Redbull Media House
Arron Leiber
Mckinnon Media
Chris Bryan(Carrissa Moore as a child)
Sarah Enever
Tennis Australia
Martin Fitzgibbons
Tracks Digital Assets Library.