MUSIC VIDEO: Four Litre Friday – Yes No Maybe



A new Music Video i shot, directed, edited and produced for local band Four Litre Friday.
One of my bigger and most enjoyable projects of the year – Shot over a period of 6months, all on DSLR and HD pocket cameras!

I wanted to try something different with this, and have each member of the band have their own little segment in the video. The video is divided into 5 segements.

Seg 1-3 Band Stories,
Seg 4 Band Practice,
Seg 5 Live Shows.




Segment 1 – Sunrise Chill.

Featuring Lachlan Body (guitarist and lead) enjoying the morning sunrise with his girlfriend.
They both live near the beachfront on northern beaches sydney, and the scenes in this intro segment displays them perfectly. Young love and beachy lifestyle . beach cruising on the bike!
It was an early morning start, 5:30am at narrabeen beach. Flycam, Shoulder Support, Handheld, Glidetrack dolly. Warm beachy colour grade.

Seg 2 – The Weekend.

Featuring basist Gerard Langford. I shot this and edited as quick cut to try and somehow change this from the previous scene.
Gerard and his girlfriend amy are both Musically talented and both studying at Australian Institute of Music. This scene displays their lives as fast paced both cutting time out from their busy lives to spend time together. All natural light all shot on Flycam stabilzer. Colder colour grade.

Seg 3 – Skye the Dog.

Featuring Torey Hutchinson the drummer hanging out with his best mate – Skye the Staffy dog in a cheeky “Yes No Maybe” kinda way. Shot over two separate days(overcast and not overcast!) I think this is the best scene out of the whole video and features some of the best afternoon lighting. Flycam, Shoulder Support, Handheld.

Seg 4 – Band Practice.

This scene was just a cool way i thought i could join the three previous segments together. Have the band and their mates hangout together garage-band style during band practice before the live gig. They love playing music together and just love music – period. All shot with natural and available light. Shoulder Support and handheld

Segment 5 – The Live shows.

Shot over a period of 4 months at 5 different live gigs around sydney.
This band has serious fun at their live gigs. They know how to work the crowd and the crowd loves em. This segment was the perfect way to end the video.
This scene is the most amped and i think the most exciting part of the whole video. It has the most camera movements and shows how much the band enjoys playing to a live crowd.
Shot on Flycam and Shoulder Stabilisers.


The final HD edit was down-mastered to Digitbeta for airtime on ABC’s RAGE TV.

Played on ABC RAGE MusicTV.

The Official video launch was held at Fire Ant Studios in Brookvale Sydney.

some bts photos courtesy of Adam Spencer.

Shot list & BTS teaser